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Lavender products and gifts by Lavender Fanatic.
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The Naturally Lavender Scented Home!
Lavender Mist:
Our natural lavender water mist can be used just about everywhere. It can be sprayed on furniture,
clothing, in the air, in the bathroom, on pet bedding (in moderation), in your car and on your
body.  Made with all-natural ingredients and loaded with pure lavender essential oil, it is simply the
easiest way to add the soothing scent of lavender everywhere.
Mist your pillows and sheets lightly before bed time.

Lavender Pillows:
Place them on your couch, on your bed or on a favorite chair. Our pillows are filled with
hypo-allergenic fill and many cups of dried lavender buds easily adding fragrance in any room.
Squeeze them often & enjoy!

Lavender Balls:
Strategically place them in high odor places about the home, like the bathroom. Apply a few drops
of lavender essential oil regularly and the lavender scent fills the room. Placing one near your
front door makes a lovely, aromatic greeting for your guests.

Lavender Sachets:
Sachets are incredibly versatile. Not only can you place them in your clothing drawers to scent
your clothes, but you can place them all about your home to add a pretty, yet functional touch of
I hang them from the door-knobs throughout the house- looks great, smells great.
Place them on the bed or nightstand in your guest room as a wonderful, welcoming gift to house
guests when they arrive. Put one or two inside your car.

Lavender Wreaths;
Not only do these beautiful dried arrangements look great on the walls and doors inside your
home, they easily add the fabulous fragrance of dried lavender. Apply a few drops of lavender
essential oil to them (on the back) regularly to keep the scent going for years.

Lavender Bouquets:
Bouquets are great for tables, shelves, and nightstands. Pretty, and sweetly scented.

Dried Lavender Buds:
Put them in a beautiful bowl on your coffee table. The smell is amazing! Squeeze the buds often to
release the fragrance of the essential oil inside the buds and the powerful, soothing scent is
instantly renewed.
I like to grind them up and sprinkle under the bed sheets, under couch cushions and in the closet.
A little messy to clean up, but easily vacuums up which also fills the air with a  wonderful smell.
Well worth the tiny mess.

Oil Diffusers:
Easy and effective! Just add a few drops of lavender essential oil to the pads of the Diffusers on a
regular basis, and the heat from the electric outlet warms the diffuser. No need for those chemical
filled plug in Diffusers!

Lavender Candles
Well, you know what to do with them.  Couldn't be any easier!
We are often asked for advice from
customers on how to make their homes
smell like lavender. They enjoy the
crisp, clean fragrance and quite
simply-it makes them feel good.

In a time where artificially scented air
fresheners, detergents and endless
chemical filled products saturating the
consumer market, our customers are
seeking a natural alternative. Here,
owner Cris offers some easy tips to help
you do just that.
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Lavender home scenting by Lavender Fanatic.