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Lavender Mist water by Lavender Fanatic.
Our natural lavender water mist has a light and soothing
lavender scent you will adore. We have many, many fans
of this amazing product.

This natural lavender spray can be used as a refreshing
and mood-lifting body mist, to freshen your pillows and
fabrics, or as a natural room and air freshener.  A few
mists on your body or your pillow and you will
understand why lavender has such a calming effect.
Lavender aromatherapy in an instant!

We are not stingy with our pure lavender essential oil
when we make the floral water, and you will notice the
difference. 8 ounces.
Ways to enjoy Lavender Water:

-Refresh and add moisture to your skin and
face while enjoying the soothing fragrance.

-Mist your pillows and sheets lightly with the
water just before bedtime to promote
relaxation and rest.

-Mist your towels and clothing, even iron
with the  mist.

-Take a bottle to work, stress less!

-Use the mist as a natural, light air and room
Lavender Mist
Lavender Water Mist 8 oz.