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Lavender products and gifts by Lavender Fanatic.
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Lavender  Gift Ideas
Lavender gift giving
is easy with these
lovely products. Full
of true fragrance,
they are sure to
please anyone on
your list any time of
the year!

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Lavender Bunny Squeeze for lavender aromatherapy.
Enjoy the soothing scent of dried lavender anywhere in your home with our lavender filled bowl.
Lavender Buckwheat Pillow.
Dried lavender wreath 14
Lavender Sachet Gift Set by Lavender Fanatic.
Satin Lavender Bed Buddy by Lavender Fanatic.
Lavender Heart Pillow by Lavender Fanatic.
Loaded Lavender Gift Set by Lavender Fanatic.
Lavender Aromatherapy Gift Set by Lavender Fanatic.
Lavender soy candle for soothing aromatherapy.
Lavender Sachet Kit for lavender gift giving.
Out of Stock.
Lavender pillow filled by Lavender Fanatic.
Lavender eye pillow with flax and buds.