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Dried Lavender for your lavender wedding by Lavender Fanatic.
We sell only top quality dried lavender buds
for your wedding projects. With us, you will
never have to worry if you will be sent old,
dusty, brown buds . Our quality and fragrance
is always guaranteed 100%. We do not
color-enhance our flower photos.

Lavender Angustifolia buds are perfect for
wedding favors, cones, and wedding toss
flowers and will add an amazing and
memorable scent to your special day.

Fragrant lavender flowers are considered
symbolic of devotion, and are world famous
for their healing and soothing effects on people
and even animals. Using it in your wedding is
earth-friendly, and people are absolutely nuts
over it's magnificent scent.

Always plan of having more than you figured
you will need, many guests just can't help
from taking more than one handful or sachet!
The dried flowers will keep their scent for
literally years, so anything left over can be
used for gifts, crafting and even cooking.
Lavender Wedding toss buds by Lavender Fanatic.
How much lavender do you
need for your wedding projects:

For wedding toss-figure at least
1TBS. Per guest
(1 pound will be enough for 50

For small sachets, 3" x 4", figure 1/3
to 1/4 cup per sachet. For paper
cones, figure 1/2 cup per cone.

If you need more help figuring out
amounts, feel free to contact us and
we will be happy to help you.

How many cups are in a pound?
The Lavender Angustifolia is yielding
15 cups per pound. Our Pound bags
are measured strictly by 16 oz.
The Lavender Angustifolia buds are an
excellent quality dried lavender,with good
blue color and rich, fabulous scent.
The perfect dried lavender flowers for all of
your lavender wedding needs.
Dried Wedding Lavender
Lavender wedding tips by Lavender Fanatic.
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1 Pound Lavender Angustifolia
6 Cups Lavender Angustifolia