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The Lavender Squeeze for stress relief and lavender aromatherapy.
The perfect aromatherapy invention
for lavender lovers!

Our Lavender Squeeze Pillows are designed
for you to squeeze over and over again
releasing the fragrance of the dried lavender
flowers inside the pillows for stress relief,
relaxation, and for keeping your hands busy.
Take it to work with you, travelling, wherever
you might need some lavender aromatherapy!

This mini pillow is handmade with a gorgeous
purple velvet on one side and a smooth dusty
lavender fabric on the back. The velvet feels
wonderful to the touch, the dried Lavender
buds inside smell amazing.
3" x 4.5 "
We also have a Lavender
Bunny Squeeze & Sniff.
Take a peek.
Lavender Squeeze Pillows
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Velvet Lavender Squeeze