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Lavender products and gifts by Lavender Fanatic.
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Lavender Bunny Squeeze by Lavender Fanatic.
Treat yourself to the wonderful, relaxing
scent of lavender with our lavender
aromatherapy bunny. Ease stress and tension
the easy way by squeezing her often, sniff,
enjoy! Aromatherapy cute and easy.

Each Lavender Bunny is handmade and filled
fresh for your order by the Lavender Fanatic
Crew. Made with cozy lavender fleece and
fuzzy white tail and nose. 5" plus another 2"
for the ears.

A very sweet and original gift for yourself or
loved one.
Click on Lavender Bunny to enlarge.
Lavender Bunny Squeeze
We happily donate the entire
profit margin to the House
Rabbit Society Rabbit
Rescue at the end of each
Lavender Fanatic
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Lavender Bunny Squeeze