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Floral Lavender & Buckwheat Pillow 14" x 18"
Lavender and buckwheat pillow in floral design.
Sleep well with these wonderfully fragrant and
soothing natural buckwheat pillows. Made with a
beautiful lavender flower cotton fabric,  the
pillows are filled with 100% organic buckwheat
hulls and fragrant dried lavender flowers.
Aromatherapy couldn't get any easier.

The pillow is 14" x 18", large enough to sleep on
every night. It can also be used with your regular
pillow for aromatherapy benefits. Simply snuggle
up to it and enjoy the soothing fragrance of the
flowers inside. It also makes a wonderful lavender

*Available in
 Lavender or Lavender & Mint .

Our lavender buckwheat pillows are featured on
the hotel Comfort Menus at five star hotel Le
Blanc, and many other Palace Resorts
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Floral Lavender & Mint Buckwheat Pillow 14" x 18"
Floral Lavender & Buckwheat Pillow 14" x 18"
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