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Dried lavender buds are a simple, easy way to enjoy the wonderful fragrance of lavender. These
wonderful flowers can be used to re-fill sachets, pillows, party favors, or placed in a pretty bowl to
enjoy the scent anywhere in your home. Dried lavender buds are also great for wedding toss or
wedding rice, wedding cones, and wedding sachet favor bags.

When you shop with us, you
never have to worry about getting old, dusty, brown lavender buds
shipped from who knows where. We guarantee the freshness and fragrance 100%. We offer 2 top
of the line varieties of  bulk dried lavender for your projects and enjoyment. Both are grown
without the use of chemicals or pesticides. We sell our buds by the pound or by the cup.
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Lavender Grosso
Lavender Angustifolia
Grosso has a strong, amazing scent with
pale blue colored buds. Excellent for
aromatherapy because this variety yields
more essential oil in each bud, so the
scent is stronger and lasts longer.
Excellent quality, good blue color and
rich, fabulous scent. The perfect
flower for fragrance around the
home, projects, sachets, pillows and
more. Excellent for culinary use.
Lavender Angustifolia Buds By Lavender Fanatic.
Dried Lavender Buds Bulk
How many cups are in a pound?

Currently the dried lavender buds are yielding approximately 16 cups per
pound. Our pound bags are measured strictly by 16 oz. Weight.
Supply is limited
at this time.
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1 Pound Lavender Angustifolia
6 Cups Lavender Angustifolia
6 Cups Lavender Grosso