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 Buckwheat hulls and fragrant dried lavender buds provide wonderfully fragrant comfort in a pillow.
Lavender buckwheat pillow by Lavender Fanatic
Lavender Buckwheat Pillow
Also available in Lavender &
Mint and Chamomile
Treat yourself to a buckwheat and lavender filled pillow and rest easy while enjoying the
relaxing benefits of lavender aromatherapy!

Buckwheat pillows have become extremely popular because of the incredible comfort
and natural support they give your head and neck. The natural buckwheat hulls actually
conform to your head and neck, providing exceptional comfort with lavender added to
promote relaxation. The buckwheat hulls  let fresh air to circulate inside the pillow and
provide support for your head and neck in a way that normal pillows can't. The
buckwheat pillows don't compress or lose support like foam pillows do.

These pillows are 100% hand crafted in the USA using 100% organic Buckwheat Hulls
and organic dried lavender flowers.

Perfect for nightly sleeping, soothing lavender aromatherapy and traveling.
Lavender Buckwheat Pillows
Our favorite customer review and comment on our Lavender & Buckwheat Pillow:

"Love the pillow I bought from you and am on my third round giving them
as gifts!!!!  Aundrea, Southlake TX