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Relax and snuggle up with
"Buckwheat Buckaroo" at the end of a
long, hard day enjoying the wonderful
soothing aroma of lavender.

This adorable lavender aromatherapy
bunny is stuffedwith lots of fragrant
dried buds and buckwheat hulls. He
will surely help you get a good night's
rest! Finally, a bed-bunny for adults!

Created with an amazing amount of
labor by the Lavender Fanatic crew,
and filled fresh for your order. He is
made with cozy lavender fleece, white
cotton, and a pretty green satin bow
that matches his eyes. 17" in length.

A wonderful lavender gift!
Lavender aromatherapy to enjoy with our lavender bunny.
Click on photo to enlarge view.
"Buckwheat Buckaroo"
We happily donate the entire profit
margin of our "Buckwheat
Buckaroo"  to the House Rabbit
Society Rabbit Rescue at the end of
each year.
Buckwheat Buckaroo