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Lavender has become a new standard for wedding flowers in recent years. People are crazy about
it's fabulous scent, and guests at your wedding will be in for a special treat when you use lavender
decorating your wedding and reception.  Lavender flowers are elegant, and timeless. Lavender is
traditionally symbolic of devotion, and you never have to worry about lavender being out of style.

We have put together a few lavender tips for brides, including answering some of the most
common questions brides have asked us over the years. We hope you will find this page helpful. If
you have anymore questions, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help.
How close to the wedding should you order your lavender?

Who wants to be stressed out making up favors and bouquets right before the wedding?

Go ahead and place your order anytime in advance of the wedding. When you receive your
lavender wedding products, simply keep them stored in a cool, dry place until the wedding. Be sure
to tape the box back up after you take a look at your items. We recommend that you have the
wedding items in your hands at the least two weeks before the wedding. This way, just in case there
is a problem during shipping, we have time to react. This doesn't happen, but with weddings it is
better to be safe than sorry.

dried lavender buds can be ordered and shipped anytime in advance. They will last
literally years if you store them sealed in the bag, placed out of heat and moisture.

Also, remember that we ship out
large orders within 5 days, not the regular 2 days for normal
So don't wait until the last minute to place your order. Thats 5 days until we ship it, then
add 3-5 business days for UPS Ground (depending on how far you are from us in California.)

How should I store the dried lavender and dried lavender bouquets?

Always store them in a cool but dry place-out of heat and sunlight. If you have bouquets, store
them standing upright so they don't flatten on one side. Keep them in the box until the wedding

If I have a lavender bridal bouquet and lavender bouquets for my bridesmaids,
what should we use for boutonnières for the groom and groomsmen?

We don't make dried lavender boutonnières because of the"Hug factor." The flowers in
boutonnières take a beating with all the hugging and such. Dried lavender would not hold up to this
kind of physical crushing. Also, the dried stems break too easily for making them. Roses look
lovely with the lavender bouquets, so we suggest using white, Sterling or Lavande (both lavender
colored roses) for the boutonnières and corsages. The blues and lavender colors look fantastic
together, and the roses hold up amazingly well considering the abuse they take at a wedding and
the reception.

How many cups of dried lavender are in a pound?

The average is 16 cups per pound for the Lavender Angustifolia buds.

How much lavender do I need for my sachet bags?

The most common size favor bags brides use to make lavender favor sachets with is a 3" x 4" bag.
We use 1/3 to 1/4 cup for each sachet of this size.

For tulle circles, you can get approximately 60 favors from a pound of Lavender Angustifolia buds.

How much dried lavender do I need for each guest to toss?

Figure a tablespoon or so per guest. One pound of dried lavender should be enough for 50 guests
unless some guests grab much more than you had planned-which happens often with lavender.
People absolutely love the fragrance and go back for more!

For paper cones used for wedding toss figure about 1/2 cup per cone, but use less if you wish.

Tips for making your own lavender wedding favors:

Always have more lavender on hand than you expect to use. It is better to be safe than sorry. Also,
guests absolutely love this stuff and often end up taking more than one favor or toss. Plus you can
always use the leftover lavender in your home.

Order more ribbon than you have figured on, and don't cut it too short for your favors. Remember
you still have to tie the bow. Nothing is more frustrating than having precut 200 or more ties, then
go to tie a bow and realize you cut them too short! Also, if you run out of ribbon, the store may not
have those exact colors any more. Then you will have to start all over, or have different colors.

Remember, lavender is at it's fragrant best when you make the sachets and favors right before the
wedding. So while you may want to get everything done months before the wedding day, don't
make the favors too soon. This might end up being a little stressful if you still have many things left
to do. So If you won't be able to have fun, make time, and be creative-you may want to leave the
favors and toss to us.
Lavender Wedding Tips For Brides
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