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Lavender Fanatic
Relax! Enjoy the gifts of nature.
Lavender products and gifts by Lavender Fanatic.
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About Us
Lavender Fanatic is a family
owned and run business located
in a small, beautiful coastal town
in northern California.

Our specialty is in the creation of
fine products made with
lavender. We offer the quality,
attention to detail, and customer
service the big stores and chains
can't match. Just take a whiff of
our products and you will see
exactly what we mean!
Lavender Fanatic
Specialty lavender products and gifts

Phone: (650)560-8048
We believe:

-Lavender is a gift you give yourself.

-Life is too short to save the best for last.

-Pamper yourself, don't wait for someone else to do

-In filling your life with fragrance, flowers, and
lifting your own spirit!

Our top priorities at Lavender Fanatic are your satisfaction
and the quality and fragrance of our products.
 We never
forget that our customers are the reason we are in business.

Lavender Fanatic is a small business that still takes the time
to pack fresh every single order to assure freshness and
fragrance. We don't store our lavender products away in
boxes in a warehouse somewhere- how could they be fresh
and full of fragrance if we did? If you've ever bought lavender
products at a big chain store, you know what we mean. We
also do not use synthetic chemicals to scent our products.

Our customers notice the difference.

Another thing you can always count on from us is that the
products pictured on our site are the same as the ones we
ship. Some web sites will put a great picture on their site, but
will ship you a product that is lower quality. We won't! What
you see at the Lavender Fanatic website is what you’ll get.

We hope you enjoy your visit to Lavender Fanatic then keep
coming back for more!

Feel free to contact us with any question or comments. We
answer the phone with a smile, and love hearing from our
customers. Based on the hand-written letters, email's and
phone calls we receive, we are convinced 100% that we have
the nicest customers around.