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Lavender Gift Set that will make a big, fragrant impression!
This amazing lavender gift basket is  positively
"loaded" with our soothing lavender products
for aromatherapy and bath and body! Who
wouldn't want to receive all of these lovely
lavender items wrapped up and ready to go?

This Gift set is the perfect way to pamper
someone special with the fabulous fragrance of
The gift set includes:
-Lavender Body Lotion 4 ounce
-Lavender Body Wash 4 ounce
-Lavender Mist 8 ounce
-Lavender Bath Salt Jar 8 oz.
-Lavender Aromatherapy Pillow 10"
-Purple Satin Eye Pillow
-Lavender Incense
-Lavender Candle 8 oz.
-Lavender Essential Oil 1/2 oz.
-Dryer bags (3)
-Tote Bag
-3 Lavender Sachets
-Lavender Notebook/or 3 Lavender Fairy Cards
-Bath net
-Back Scrubber
-Canvas lined wicker basket
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enlarge lavender gift
We will gladly ship the gift set directly to the
recipient. Just put their name and address in
the "Ship To:" part of your order form.

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"Loaded" Lavender Gift Basket
"Loaded" Lavender Gift Set
New wicker basket
for the "loaded"
gift basket.