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Looking for a lavender
Enjoy the
gifts of
Nothing brings the fresh,
clean fragrance of dried
lavender to any room easier
and prettier than a
lavender sachet.

We have a variety of sachet
bags for you to choose from.
Lavender lovers can never
have too many, and like to
place them all about their
homes for fragrance.

Sachets will also make your
clothing smell wonderful
and repel moths and other
insects at the same time.
Fill your closet with fragrant lavender sachets and enjoy the crisp, clean fragrance everyday.
Lavender Sachets
Lavender Dryer Bags by Lavender Fanatic.
Sachet Ideas:

-Use the lavender bags to
repel moths, sorpions and

-Place them in your
bathroom for scent & as a
pretty accent.

-Hang them from the
doorknobs in your house.

-Give them as party favors
and hostess gifts.

-Add one to a gift package
tied to the bow on top.
Lavender and Mint Sachets by Lavender Fanatic.
The Purple Velveteen Lavender Sachet feels wonderful to the touch.
Lavender Sachet Set by Lavender Fanatic.
Lavender sachets organza.