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Looking for a lavender
Enjoy the
gifts of
Lavender Bunny Squeeze for lavender aromatherapy.
Enjoy the relaxing and refreshing  scent of
lavender with these sweet bunny creations.
They make wonderful gifts to give to
yourself or friends and loved ones, and the
smell is sweet indeed!
Lavender Bunnies
Our Lavender Bunny Collection was
created to generate proceeds for real rabbits
in need. We happily donate the entire profit
margin of every purchase of these
handcrafted lavender products to the
House Rabbit Society rescue at the end of
each year.
The House Rabbit Society is a non-profit organization
dedicated to rescuing and finding homes for
abandoned, abused, and unwanted domestic rabbits
throughout the United States. Every penny raised
counts. We hope you will order a lavender bunny
today helping us support this wonderful cause.