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Lavender Bride's Maid Bouquet
This very pretty twisted bouquet of indigo
blue dried Lavender Angustigolia lavender
stems is carefully arranged for your
bridesmaids to hold on your wedding day.
The smell is heavenly.

7" tall, 4.5" in diameter.
Available in your choice of a satin bow of
lavender, periwinkle, white or ivory. Each
has a pretty acrylic heart placed in the center.

If you wish to have the bouquets without the
acrylic heart, or even the bow, just let us
know on your order form and we will send
the bouquet without.
periwinkle blue,
white or ivory
colored satin bow.
Lavender Bridesmaid Bouquet (Ivory Bow)
Lavender Bridesmaid Bouquet (Lavender Bow)
Lavender Bridesmaid Bouquet (Periwinkle Bow)
Lavender Bridesmaid Bouquet (White Bow)
Please note:

*Wedding items are created
fresh at the time of your order.
Large orders will normally ship
out of the Lavender Fanatic
Shop 5 working days
order is received.  Allow for this
delay when you are planning
your order.

These bouquets are custom
made, and they are not
returnable. The size of each
bouquet is stated above.
Lavender Bridesmaid Bouquet by Lavender Fanatic.
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